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Centennial Hills Property Management

Thinking about renting? Worried about being a landlord?

We’re here for you. Leave the work to us.

Don’t wait any longer. Take action today and embark on an exciting journey to achieve your goals. Let us guide you through the process and help you unleash your true potential.

Centennial Hills Property Management Services

Property Management Leasing Services

Our team offers comprehensive leasing services tailored for the Centennial Hills community, ensuring you don’t have to worry about drafting leases or finding tenants. We manage every aspect of the leasing process, including:

  • Locating suitable tenants
  • Providing detailed move-in reports
  • Managing lease renewals
  • Crafting precise leases
  • Efficient rent collection
  • Negotiating favorable lease terms
  • Organizing property showings and visits

Marketing and Listing Services

Recognizing the unique market of Centennial Hills, we provide specialized marketing and listing services to enhance your property’s exposure. We expertly utilize online platforms, social media, and other effective channels to reach potential tenants. Additionally, we offer MLS and sign services to maximize visibility.

Property Showings and Visits

Save time and ensure professionalism with our property showings and visits services. We handle all scheduling and are present during viewings, presenting your property in the best light to prospective tenants.

Rent Collection and Lease Negotiation

Our team takes the stress out of rent collection and lease negotiations, handling these processes for you. We ensure consistent rental income and manage any arising issues, making property management hassle-free.

Pet Policies

We facilitate pet-friendly accommodations while ensuring the protection of your property with pet leases, pet deposits, and cleaning fees, making your property attractive to a broader tenant base.


Should your tenants default, our collections service manages the recovery of unpaid rents, including the escalation to collections agencies as necessary.

Keys and Locks Management

We ensure the security of your property with comprehensive key and lock management, including lock replacements and key services for new and existing tenants.

Security Deposits

Our process for handling security deposits is streamlined and compliant with Nevada law, covering all types of deposits to secure your interests.

Why Choose Us

Dale McCarthy Real Estate and Property Management is committed to excellence in serving the Centennial Hills community. We manage inspections, rent collection, and lease drafting, ensuring both landlord and tenant satisfaction. For a reliable property management partner in Centennial Hills, choose us.

Additional Services

We also provide:

  • Advanced tenant placement and advertising
  • Routine and emergency maintenance
  • Regular financial reporting
  • Comprehensive tenant background checks
  • HOA management and compliance
  • Efficient eviction process handling

Contact us today to explore how we can address your property management needs in Centennial Hills.

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